The relation between bad habits and wrinkles:

Human skin is very tender and when one reaches his/her middle age, skin demands a healthy lifestyle to remain smooth. A youthful and glamorous skin enhances one’s self-esteem and confidence. But, nowadays, the lifestyle of people is very hectic where one neither gets enough sleep nor gets time to take care of the skin as it’s time-consuming. Stress, depression, and anxiety have become human’s constant companions.

About wrinkles:

Wrinkles are the reflection of age. According to the best dermatologist in Kolkata, wrinkles are the result of natural aging. Bad habits in lifestyle make the condition worse. Common lifestyle habits that ruin the appearance:

Not rinsing the make-up:

All the make-up products are chemical-based. No matter how much the companies advertise their products to be non-chemical ones; those for sure include chemicals that make one’s skin glow more. It is very important to remove all the make-up before going to bed. Fine lines, clogged pores and, wrinkles are caused due to non-removal of make-up. The busy schedule might not allow one to get time for rinsing the make-up but it’s extremely important. Use cleansing milk or moisturizer and wet cotton to remove the make-up.

Squeezing the pimples:

It’s a natural instinct of almost everyone that if one finds a pimple on his/her face, the first thing that comes to mind is to squeeze it. This is a very bad habit says a skin specialist based in Kolkata. Picking or squeezing pimples lead to acne-causing bacteria into the skin which results in inflammation, wrinkles and, scarring. One may use non-comedogenic products to reduce acne breakouts.

Face on the pillow while sleeping:

While sleeping if one’s face touches the pillow, friction occurs which causes a breakdown of collagen of skin and this finally leads to unavoidable wrinkles. A dermatologist in Salt Lake suggests using satin pillowcases which cause less friction.

Choice of lifestyle:

If someone smokes, drinks or, consumes a lot of junk food, then it affects his/her skin. Wrinkles develop easily if one is into this kind of lifestyle. Healthy choices need to be made to get better skin.


The Derma Roller treatment available at New Town Clinic helps remove wrinkles and fine lines. A skin specialist in Kolkata said that derma roller treatment includes skin needling or micro-needling which is a form of collagen induction therapy. A derma roller is a small and solid wheel with a stick that moves forward and backward across the face. The removal of wrinkles demands 2-5 sessions depending upon the condition of the patient’s skin.


  • Avoiding sun ray is very important
  • Sunscreen needs to be applied before going out during day time.
  • Use a gentle face wash
  • For better results, as suggested by the best dermatologist in Kolkata, intake healthy food as one’s skin is the reflection of his/her stomach condition.
  • Get rid of the bad habits discussed before.