There are gynaecological disorders that we ignore to avoid embarrassment, but it is really important to talk about them and take the help of a gynaecologist. There is no shame in talking about medical issues related to the stomach, mouth, or skin; then why feel shy about vaginal issues? A famous gynaecologist based in Kolkata, who is attached to The Newtown Clinic, says that it is essential to pay attention to issues “down there” because if neglected, they can pop up later with deadly consequences.

Abnormal vaginal discharge:

Women usually have white and sticky vaginal discharge before and after their monthly menstrual cycle, and it is absolutely normal. White discharge cleans our vagina and protects it against any genital infection. Pregnant women or women who breastfeed their babies may notice more discharge than usual. If you notice unusual colour and some strange odour in your discharge, you should never neglect it. That may be an indication of some vaginal conditions. You may notice that this strange discharge occurs at any time of the day and especially after sex. You may also feel itchiness or irritation after using creams, scented soaps, or lotions there.

For bacterial infection, cervical cancer, and post-abortion complications, unusual vaginal discharge is a common symptom. So, if you face this problem, don’t be shy and get the help of the best lady gynaecologist doctor in Kolkata.

Vaginal bleeding:

We all know that bleeding during that time of the month is normal. Even if you take birth control medicines, you may bleed as a result of it. These are known facts, but if you suffer from abnormal vaginal bleeding and you can’t determine the cause, don’t ignore it, says a famous gynaecologist in Kolkata. Irregular menstrual bleeding, longer or shorter periods, or heavier bleeding than usual may signal some serious health conditions like ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, or endometriosis. STD or sexually transmitted disease and cancer can also be a reason behind unusual vaginal bleeding. So, always be alert and feel free to discuss this. Visit The Newtown Clinic for any gynaecological guidance.


Itching and burning sensation down there, along with redness, swelling, soreness, or lumps, can be a red flag. This irritation may occur due to yeast infection, sexual disorder, or vaginal dryness. Visit the best lady gynaecologist doctor in Kolkata now.

Pelvic pain:

You may feel a dull pain around your pelvic area or lower abdomen. This pain may be accompanied by tenderness of your stomach and thigh muscles also. This pain is different from usual menstrual cramps. You should never ignore this kind of pain, as this may lead to severe issues in your reproductive tract. Serious conditions like pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), ovarian cysts, and even appendicitis may cause this symptom. These conditions may lead to damage of fallopian tubes, uterus, and ovaries which may result in infertility too.

Frequent urination:

Frequent need of passing the urine along with sharp pain while you do it is an alarming symptom of diseases like STD, ovarian cysts, and infections. So, if this problem occurs and persists, visit a famous gynaecologist in Kolkata without wasting time to avoid further complications.